Kinderpitchings met MACKY

Is your project kids-proof?

JEF organises free children's pitchings for the third time. 

Are you working on a project for young audiences (film, short film, series, web series, ...)? Then JEF offers you a unique help: a pitching session with your target audience! During the children's pitchings at the JEF festival (18 February 2021) film makers (screenwriter, director, producer, ...) can present their ideas to a panel of children of exactly the right age. Based on their feedback scripts and ideas can refined or adjusted. Afterwards, all projects will receive a "kid-proof" certificate.

Among all the candidates a jury of professionals with a heart for children’s media will select six projects for pitching. The final selection will be announced on 25th of January.

REGISTER HERE deadline: 18th of January 2021


For? If you want to pitch your project (scenario stage) for a young target audience. 

Where and when? Thursday, 18th of February 2021 - Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp. If the event because of  Covid-19 restrictions can't take place on site we will organise an online alternative. 

What do you have to do?  Register through the link above. Present your project in a one-pager with following information: 

  • format (feature, television, documentary, game, VR or AR, web series (online/social)
  • stage of the project: script or in development


  • max. 1 page (lettertype: courier 12), send as PDF 
  • written in Dutch 

The jury

The jury of professionals with a heart for youth content will be selecting 6 projects. The 25th of January we will announce the selection.

  • Siegfried Moens - programmer & production Streamz
  • Yemi Oduwale - actor, o.a. brak, Dertigers
  • Anushka Melkonian - radio dj MNM
  • Leonard Santos - actor and singer
  • Jan Creuwels - content producer DPG media
  • Lesley De Ceulaer - VeBeS Association for blind and visually impaired people
  • Sven Duym - creative producer Studio 100
  • Uwi Van Hauwermeiren - spokesperson Wel Jong Niet Hetero