Kids Kino.Lab

JEF also had the chance to invite two Belgian teams to the trajectory. 

The projects selected for 2021 are

Anna’s Class follows children around the world, sharing the same name. What do all those Anna's have in common? A project by Tijs Torfs and Celine Vanhoutte. 

Fantastique, a Serendipity Films production, tells about a young girl named Fanta, who lives in Guenea and dreams of becoming an acrobat. She practices just as hard as the Flemish girl Oona, who is so fond of water ballet. A project by Marjolijn Prins and David Bert Joris Dhert.

is an intitiative by New Horizons (Poland), supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA programma. Contact person at JEF is Gert Hermans (JEF industry).