Make it short

JEF festival organises a competition in which film students and recently graduated filmmakers* get all the material, financial, production and emotional support they need to make a brand new short film in no time! Five teams will be guided from the early idea to the festive premiere. The process takes about a week. In this period, the teams receive professional audiovisual material, are supported production-wise and have the opportunity to work with professional actors. The resulting short films have to be about five minutes each. 

Read everything about it in our REGLEMENT
Deadline for applications: 4 april 2021


Of course, the new short films require a festive première! 
Save the date: Sunday, 4 juli 2021 at 19u30! 

*If you graduated not more than 1 year ago at one of the recognised film schools in Flanders then you can still participate in the Make it Short competition. In that case, be sure to include a motivation in your one-pager as to why you deserve this chance.