Dig It Up 2021

  • Zuiderpershuis
  • Antwerpen


Dig It Up, the annual inspiration festival about digital innovation in the cultural sector is back for another edition. Mediawijs will coordinate this years’ edition, in which you too can explore new forms of digital cultural education in 2021. This year will focus on ‘Cultural education for children and youngsters’. We invited trendsetters and inspirational good practices, and of course the youngsters themselves! 


9 Februari: Keynotes: 9u45 - 12u30

  • Deepak Mehta: Hack Belgium

  • Online culture: Trendwolves

9 Februari: Inspiration session: 13u30 - 15u45

  • Vlogging with yought: Mediaraven 

  • Databuzz Bye, bye bias: VUB

  • Invisible walk: LINC

  • Medialab: JEF, VRT Sandbox, Monobanda & Expanding Focus

10 Februari: Workshops: 9u30 - 11u45 

  • Use your smartphone smart, leer filmen en monteren met je smartphone - Stamp Media

  • Small Dreams, Big Ideas - MyMachine

  • Inclusive digital craft workshop for children and youth - CoderDojo

  • From a coding activity to a youth and young adult activity - Bib Cauwelaar

  • Machine Learning - GLUON

  • Game Festival - Bib Kortrijk

  • Working with influencers - WAT WAT

  • 21st century skills, good practices en trics - Fyxxi i.s.m. Junior Argonauts

  • Vision on digital cultural education - Das Kunst 

  • DIY history en deepfakes - GLUON 

  • Online programming with microbits - Fyxxi i.s.m. Junior Argonauts

  • Panel discussion 'Digital tools to reach young people' - Cultuurconnect 

Dig It Up is for educational staff in the cultural sector, youthworkers and mediacoaches. 

PARTNERS Mediawijs, JEF, Publiq, Stad Antwerpen, CultuurConnect, De Ambrassade and Zuiderpershuis


09/02/2021 - 10/02/2021
van 09u00 tot 13u00
free (mediacoaches) / February 9 morning: Keynote: € 25 / February 9 afternoon: inspiration sessions: €25 / February 10 morning: workshops: €25